Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coronet 1 of 2

These cartoons are from the first issue of Coronet that was published in 1936. They were a digest-sized magazine that also did a lot of educational films as well. The magazine was owned by Esquire which is why they had a lot of the same cartoonists. If you've been following this blog, I've reposted a lot of their cartoons before. Check the tag below for more.

This first one is from E. Simms Campbell  photo 3-14-1Coronetv01n01_zps2ea57d59.jpg George Shellhase  photo 3-14-2_zpsaaed42fd.jpg This isn't a cartoon, but I liked it anyway. I wonder what happened to the calf after eating that lemon.  photo 3-14-3_zps787e3400.jpg I think this is E. Simms Campbell again.  photo 3-14-4_zps8163af82.jpg The next two are from Shellhase  photo 3-14-5_zpsbf2c0e26.jpg  photo 3-14-6_zps83586d41.jpg Gilbert Bundy  photo 3-14-7_zps68457b45.jpg More Campbell  photo 3-14-8_zpsb9fb59b9.jpg  photo 3-14-9_zps1709d6e3.jpg Raeburn Van Buren  photo 3-14-10_zps12afae92.jpg Shellhase  photo 3-14-11_zps826faa17.jpg Paul Webb (see more clicking on tag)  photo 3-14-12_zps9780e5aa.jpg George Lichty  photo 3-14-13_zpsbebf8e66.jpg Next Thursday: the rest of that issue.

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