Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This issue was cover dated October, 1973

John Severin.  photo 3-13-1_zps9b1246f9.jpg Inside front and back covers.  photo 3-13-2_zpsba1a7f0e.jpg Parody of Kung Fu  photo 3-13-3_zps92c22cb3.jpg John Langton  photo 3-13-4_zps018169fe.jpg Bill Ward  photo 3-13-5_zps889c97c2.jpg Bernard Baily  photo 3-13-6_zps9b436d39.jpg  photo 3-13-7_zpsb9c6a9cc.jpg Don Orehek  photo 3-13-8_zps71d2381c.jpg Vic Martin  photo 3-13-9_zpsee36cf0c.jpg  photo 3-13-10_zpsa3e58bfc.jpg  photo 3-13-11_zps1608598a.jpg  photo 3-13-12_zps70ccec0a.jpg  photo 3-13-13_zps5e58a995.jpg  photo 3-13-14_zps7371691b.jpg Murray Ball  photo 3-13-15_zpsfb88bfaa.jpg  photo 3-13-16_zpscb867fa3.jpg Charles Rodrigues  photo 3-13-17_zps2de02ffb.jpg  photo 3-13-18_zpsc76ba9f3.jpg

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