Monday, March 4, 2013


CRAZY #27 Another issue of Crazy, this time #27 from July 1977. Cover, as always, by Bob Larkin  photo 3-4-1_zps766e3854.jpg  photo 3-4-2_zps11be143c.jpg Parody of The Bionic Woman illustrated by Walter Brogan  photo 3-4-3_zpseaa97ee6.jpg Tony Tallarico  photo 3-4-4_zpsceb83e7e.jpg Alan Kupperberg  photo 3-4-5_zps66d2a384.jpg I'm not sure if David Wenzel is any relation to Bill Wenzel.  photo 3-4-6_zps377b433b.jpg David Manak  photo 3-4-7_zps430b36bb.jpg  photo 3-4-8_zpsc4433c20.jpg Bob McLeod  photo 3-4-9_zps692eeb6c.jpg Gary Brodsky  photo 3-4-10_zps32239a3d.jpg Ray Billingsley  photo 3-4-11_zpsdbd11a9e.jpg  photo 3-4-12_zps63516a89.jpg I had Sam Viviano for a caricature teacher at School of Visual Arts. Even though I rarely use likeness in my own work he did teach me to apply it to my own style. He taught his students that in order to do credible caricatures to use the whole body rather than just the face.

I started the second semester even though the catalog said exclusively not to, so deservedly went through “hazing” on my first day. Towards the end of class, he had us all draw him, and he stopped picking on me when he realized I had a vicious streak myself and drew his head on the end of a penis.

He mentioned in his class how Crazy was one of his first clients starting out, and when he asked if he could do movie and TV satires, they told him he didn't draw enough like Mort Drucker. Ironically, he later became Drucker's boss as art director of Mad.

The monologue is delivered by Henny Youngman. Pictured in the audience are Danny Thomas, Carol Burnett, George Carlin, Paul Lynde, Lily Tomlin, Groucho Marx, Buddy Hackett, Jimmy Walker, Don Rickles, Gabe Kaplan, Louise Lasser, Chevy Chase, Johnny Carson, George Burns, Richard Pryor, Woody Allen, Milton Berle, Redd Foxx, Bob Hope, Bill Cosby, ?, Jerry Lewis, Dick Van Dyke, Mel Brooks, David Brenner.  photo 3-4-13_zpsf5a1dbc7.jpg  photo 3-4-14_zps673b3021.jpg Mike Thadummi is Mike Ricigliano who had to use a pseudonym.  photo 3-4-15_zpsa60a0838.jpg  photo 3-4-16_zps41ecd6d4.jpg  photo 3-4-17_zpsac5f72e0.jpg A big deal was made about how Jimmy Carter did an interview with Playboy before he became President. It's where the quote “I've lusted after women in my heart” came from, another piece of comedy fodder at the time.  photo 3-4-18_zpsb57aded5.jpg  photo 3-4-19_zpsa2a5e285.jpg  photo 3-4-20_zps9f933cb7.jpg  photo 3-4-21_zpsa842428a.jpg  photo 3-4-22_zps12de1bb6.jpg  photo 3-4-23_zps6dba32ec.jpg  photo 3-4-24_zps346ec2e0.jpg

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