Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Let's take a look at what America was laughing at in August, 1973. If by America you mean a few dozen sixth graders. On the contents page they say of the cover:

As unkempt as an unmade bed, Columbo's being put through the ringer as we press on to iron out our problem with law and disorder. I think they meant “wringer” but whatevs.  photo 3-6-1_zps2f5010f9.jpg They would usually have the inside front and back covers be a poster.  photo 3-6-2_zpsace2a07c.jpg As advertised on the cover, here's their version of Columbo, also drawn by John Severin.  photo 3-6-3_zps5bda2931.jpg Another example of the semi-misogyny of humor magazines, Updating the Female Image in Children's Books, drawn by Dick Wright.  photo 3-6-4_zps3d0d0682.jpg Bill Ward  photo 3-6-5_zps82426e6f.jpg Art by Bernard Baily. Ironically, schools have billboards now.  photo 3-6-6_zps7a798f55.jpg From A Cracked Salute to Chicago drawn by Russ Heath with mostly jokes that could apply to any city.  photo 3-6-7_zps3d5a88ba.jpg Don Orehek  photo 3-6-8_zps2b635f84.jpg Dick Wright  photo 3-6-9_zpsb5222d64.jpg Bernard Baily again  photo 3-6-10_zpse82b5ab4.jpg A Charles Rodrigues gag piece similar to the ones he would do for National Lampoon  photo 3-6-11_zps66c595aa.jpg Dick Wright  photo 3-6-12_zpsa0b5fe47.jpg John Severin  photo 3-6-13_zps24e8b4a4.jpg This pages was shared with this Your (Ugh) Ancestors strip.  photo 3-6-14_zps56fa57ac.jpg Charles Rodrigues again.  photo 3-6-15_zps159e0f9b.jpg It's not clear who the artist was for this.  photo 3-6-16_zps981f5d37.jpg Next Wednesday: Cracked #112

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