Thursday, March 7, 2013

Girlie cartoons again

The first ten of these are from the July 1964 issue of Connoisseur’s World.  photo 3-7-3_zps2fd7a0eb.jpg  photo 3-7-4_zpsd219ceea.jpg  photo 3-7-5_zps220dee66.jpg  photo 3-7-6_zpse5401f24.jpg  photo 3-7-7_zpsc6baa41d.jpg  photo 3-7-8_zps6afc28b8.jpg  photo 3-7-9_zps966f7a2b.jpg  photo 3-7-10_zpsba211a31.jpg I wrote down where I got these and conveniently lost it.  photo 3-7-11_zpsbf09c103.jpg  photo 3-7-12_zpsa0ff3253.jpg This last one is from Charles Dennis.  photo 3-7-13_zpse9c6d7a0.jpg

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