Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cracked laughs 80-61

Last Wednesday I showed the first part of this issue of Cracked Collectors' Edition which boasted TOP 100 LAUGHS. Someone on Facebook pointed out that having “Cracked” and “Top 100 Laughs” in the same sentence was somewhat of an oxymoron like “military intelligence” or “jumbo shrimp”. Looking at these issues as an adult, I think the art in Cracked is better than the art in Mad, but what do I know? Judge for yourself.

Here's some Shut-Ups from #209, January 1985 byDon Orehek Photobucket From Cracked Collectors' Edition #9 in 1975, by John Severin Photobucket From #76, May 1969, by Bill Ward. Much of his work is signed “McCartney” which I think was to differentiate from the pin-up art he was known for. Photobucket The next page of this magazine, from #74, January 1969, was already reprinted in the paperback Cracked Up

From #73, November 1968. Some have asked if Charles Rodrigues signed with pen names because of some sort of contractual obligation, but I think he was just doing it to be funny. Photobucket From #194, May 1983 Photobucket From #75, April 1969 Photobucket From #85, July 1970. Originally called Cracked Looks at Television Viewers. Photobucket From #108, May 1973 Photobucket From #104, October 1972 Photobucket From #108 Photobucket Also from #108 Photobucket From #77, July 1969 Photobucket From #105, November 1972 Photobucket From #106, January 1973 Photobucket From #78, August 1969 Photobucket From #106 Photobucket Sagebrush from #108, Your Ancestors by Lo Linkert from #110, August 1973. Photobucket Hudd & Dini by Vic Martin from issue number 83, March 1970. Photobucket After that is a strip from Monster Howls #1, December 1966.

More next Wednesday.

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