Thursday, February 7, 2013

Head:Humor for Stoners

It used to be magazines that specialized in vices had more credibility. High Times, Playboy, and even Hustler were general interest magazines that happened to have articles about their main subject matter. They all had production values just as high as “regular” magazines.

Along with higher credibility and production values were more imitations. High Times had Head magazine, also similar to National Lampoon, which was already past its prime, but still was something people weren't embarrassed to be seen reading. Coincidentally, it had many of the same contributors. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Brian McConnachie was the most nonsensical of National Lampoon's early writers, and sometime cartoonist for them, one of his first pieces being The Worst Cartoons In the World which was one of my early influences.

There's a rumor that when he was on the Lampoon staff and they were also publishing Weight Watchers, a subscriber to the latter accidentally got National Lampoon by mistake and wrote to complain about it. McConnachie found out about this and wrote her a letter as the editor of Weight Watchers apologizing for the mistake, and kept sending her more Lampoons. Photobucket Randy Jones Photobucket Oliver “Revilo” Christianson was a prolific cartoonist who has fallen off the map since working for Hallmark.

Bobby London I worked with during my brief tenure at Cartoon Network. Photobucket Denis Kitchen and Gary Hallgren, who with London was one of the Air Pirates. Photobucket Photobucket Steve Stiles Photobucket Christopher Browne, one-time National Lampoon cartoonist who currently draws Hägar the Horrible Photobucket First-generation underground cartoonist Skip Williamson Photobucket This piece by Denis Kitchen was also the back cover of Mondo Snarfo Photobucket I don't get this either. I guess the flies bumped into each other? Anything's funny when you're on drugs, whether it makes sense or not. Photobucket

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