Sunday, December 23, 2012

The last of NEW YORK PRESS illos for now

Until I find more. There are more somewhere. Most likely locked in storage. Until then, this all the rest what I have. I did all kinds of illustrations for New York Press articles from about 1994-2000.

This was in the listings probably of a screening of some 60's drug addiction film. That's my guess. Photobucket Photobucket A symposium of Bust Magazine. I think I was told to make everyone Cathy. Photobucket These next two were for Mistress Ruby's column Photobucket Photobucket The back of this says "Eddie Murphy". Anyone remember a film where he's in old person make-up and in prison? I think it was for a review of that. Photobucket Another Mistress Ruby illo. I think the guy in the wheelchair is supposed to be Larry Flynt. Photobucket For the listings for Karen Finley. At the time, Senator Jesse Helms was making a big deal about her getting an NEA grant. Photobucket Anytime I was able to use my He Aims to Please character as a stand-in for “dirty old man”, I would. I probably did more illustrations with him than I did strips in my own comics. This was for an adult bookstore in their Holiday Gift Guide one year.

Cousin Blew Them All was a book title I or someone saw somewhere, probably among the freebies in the front of the Screw offices, and that was something else I tried to fit in where I could. Photobucket Something about the NC-17 rating, and how the South Park movie was its latest potential casualty. Photobucket For article about Dogme 95 filmmaking. Photobucket About how in New York there wouldn't be any controversy over a Gay Pride Parade Photobucket Happy New Year, everyone! Photobucket

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