Saturday, December 22, 2012


continued from last Saturday.

A few more cartoons from Great Cartoons of the World, Second Series from 1968.

This one's by Jules Stauber for Bärmeier & Nikel (you can put the text from this link in a translator.) Photobucket Terrence Parks a/k/a "Larry" for Punch. In the introduction to the book, editor John Bailey says:

The English cartoonist Larry has given birth to a race of problem solvers. Ingenious and inventive, Larry is a great slapstick comedian who happens to be able to draw. His hapless specimens of society are either angry with or frustrated by the artifacts of our era. Photobucket Leslie Starke, who I wrongly labeled “Larry” before. Apologies, all those Punch cartoonists are alike to me). Photobucket Michael Ffolkes, also for Punch. Photobucket Donald Reilly for The New Yorker. Photobucket A. G. Sens, who's in some of the men's magazine cartoons I've been posting. Photobucket Hans-Georg Rauch for Nebelspalter Photobucket Anatol Kovarsky Photobucket Terrence Parkes for Punch. Photobucket Volker Ernsting for Bärmeier & Nikel Photobucket Terrence Parkes Photobucket Alex Graham for Punch in 1963. Photobucket Vahan Shirvanian for The Saturday Evening Post. He's also mentioned in the foreword:

Shirvanian is one of the few hilarious cartoonists who make you laugh in the sense that W. C. Fields makes you laugh. His drawing is honest and charming, with a light touch, and his sense of the ridiculous is outrageously developed. One is not merely pleased by an intellectual idea in one of his cartoons; one sees something in them that is genuinely funny. Photobucket More from this book next Saturday.

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