Monday, December 24, 2012


Here are some excerpts from the October 1975 issue of Crazy.

Cover by Nick Cardy Photobucket Inside front cover continued throughout the magazine. Photobucket Parody of Tommy by Steve Skeates and Marie Severin Photobucket Photobucket Another excerpt from Gleeful Guide to Astrology. Photobucket Daniel Azulay Photobucket By Bruce Carlin and Lee Marrs Photobucket Photobucket Recurring (for two issues) parody of pulp magazines by Steve Skeates and Marie Severin. Photobucket Another installment of Bob Foster's History of Moosekind Photobucket Photobucket If you recognize some of these names you can tell this was done in California. Photobucket Next is a mostly-text piece called How To Hang Up on Your Hang-Ups by Steve Skeates, Steve Gerber, Martin Pasko, and Mary Skrenes.

Parody of the Chuck Wagon Dog Food commercials. Photobucket

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