Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Excerpt from the #40, the November 1964 issue of Cracked

Cover as usual by John Severin. Photobucket The inside front cover is a caption on a photo from West Side Story.

After the contents and letters is this article by Severin. Photobucket Before this, another page of movie stills with captions called Six Is the Number. Photobucket Another article by Severin called Bug Buggy, about where bugs (microphones) could be placed in the future, Then a page of Cracked's Cracks by Monroe Leung, T. Schock, Comagilao, (editor) Joe Kiernan, and Don Edwing. Photobucket There was The Big War, another photo-caption spread, and then A Sunday at Coney Island by Bill Ward Photobucket Photobucket Another photo bit called Picture This and Build This Beautiful Yacht from #2 by Bill Everett, then... Photobucket Photobucket I have no idea who drew this. Photobucket This by Jack Davis was reprinted from the eleventh issue. Photobucket Photobucket Charm Bracelets for Teens, the next article, may be drawn by the same artist as this one-pager, but I don't know how drew it since the masthead doesn't match. They would have had to pay a typesetter for a new masthead, so instead they just recycled one from a previous issue. Maybe the artist on this was Al Spanger, Jack Leemark, or Frank Nitterson. Photobucket The inside back cover is an example of the movie stills with captions I've been mentioning all along. Photobucket The back cover is a bonus “sign” saying “DON'T PUT OFF TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY” with the sign unfinished at CAN and a note to the boss saying the painter will finish it later.

Next Wednesday: pages from Cracked #51.

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