Thursday, December 13, 2012

More from dirty magazines, including Pussycat

From the May 1960 issue of Scamp, by Bob Schroeter. Photobucket Volume 2, issue 4 of Bachelor Photobucket From the same issue of Bachelor, by Bob Tupper. Photobucket Photobucket Ace Volume 7, number 2 from September 1963"""" Photobucket Topper, September 1964 Photobucket Feiffer-inspired cartoon fro that same issue of Topper Photobucket Bill Wenzel cartoon from volume 13, issue 10 of Caper from June 1969.
Monsieur volume 6 #3, June 1963 Photobucket Magazine Management, the company that originally owned Marvel, had a feature called Pussycat written and drawn by various Marvel staffers, like Larry Lieber and Jim Mooney. The strip was compiled in its own collection. I'm not sure whether or not this one was included. It's from the January 1972 issue of Men, most likely done earlier. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


  1. Amazingly (at least to me), no one seems to have ever put together an index to ALL the Pussycat stories. I know of a couple of attempts to track down all the stories, but no one seems to know precisely when they started or how many were published. I've found random pages scattered on websites, some possibly from unpublished tales. I suspect there are a lot more stories than most folks know. All the many reprintings in the Curtis cartoon mags plus the later Humorama mags haven't helped.

  2. Actually I've seen a fairly complete index on PUSSYCAT on an online forum, even including some of the reprints that ran up into the eighties. The first one was almost definitely the one from '65 attributed to Wally Wood (although I'm pretty sure it's Wood with...someone. Ward?) I doubt there were any unpublished ones and from '68 onwards all of them seem to be done by Leiber and Mooney. (My first published work back in 1987 was a PUSSYCAT article in AMAZING HEROES btw.)

    Oh and this story is NOT in the one-shot.

    And Shhh....I have it on good authority that there is someone slowly working toward compiling a more-or-less complete collection.

  3. Oh, here's a mock cover I did a few years back for a possible PUSSYCAT collection.