Saturday, December 15, 2012


The fourth installment continued from last Saturday's serialization of Great Cartoons of the World, volume 2, from 1968. James Stevenson for New Yorker Photobucket Norman Thelwell. Editor John Bailey says in his introduction:

The rich, velvety, sumptuous of Norman Thelwell are in the tradition of English illustration, but they are mischievous and full of all kinds of antics. He has a deep knowledge of children and animals, and of the countryside, all of which he uses with wit and understanding. Photobucket Jules Stauber (you can put the text from this link in a translator.) Photobucket Donald Reilly again for New Yorker. Photobucket Charles Addams Photobucket Hans-Georg Rauch for Nebelspalter Photobucket Anatol Kovarsky Photobucket Volker Ernsting for Bärmeier & Nikel Photobucket George Price in New Yorker in 1964. Photobucket Barney Tobey Photobucket Norman Thelwell Photobucket Charles Edward Martin in Saturday Evening Post Photobucket Jules Stauber Photobucket

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