Monday, December 17, 2012


Let's open up another 70s time capsule in the form of Crazy #11 from June 1975

Cover by Kelly Freas Photobucket by Steve Gerber and Robert Graysmith

Photobucket Parody ofTowering Inferno by Stu Schwartzberg and Vance Rodewalt Photobucket Recurring feature for five issues by Gerry Conway and Vic Martin. Photobucket Innuendo later used by National Lampoon Photobucket After another Consumer Confidential credited to “Petunia Begonia” and Disaster Crazies, there's this. Photobucket The last installment of their first mascot The Nebbish fromMarv Wolfman and Marie Severin Photobucket After that is an ad for ForSale Distension University, a parody of the back-to-school ads that were familiar to comics readers, then another excerpt from Will Eisner's Gleeful Guide to Living with Astrology, then a parody of the very kinds of mens' adventure magazines their parent company published. Photobucket Photobucket Second installment of Lee Marrs' feature. Photobucket A moose killing a bull reminds me of how every kid wonders how Pluto and Goofy can both be dogs. From Bob Foster's History of Moosekind Photobucket After this is a fumetti called In a Little Shanty Town by Marv Wolfman about black liberation where I can't tell what's supposed to be the joke, and something called Poetry Corner which used the same illustration every issue.

Subscription ad on inside back cover. Photobucket Parody of Nine Lives commercials. Photobucket

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