Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The June 1964 issue of Cracked. Another cover by John Severin. Photobucket After a parody of Tareyton ads, a letters column showing Steve Allen reading Cracked and a statement of ownership (138,463), is Sylvester for President. On the bottom are Lyndon B. Johnson and Barry M. Goldwater. The Romney mentioned here is George Romney, father of Mitt (remember him?) Photobucket Also by Severin was Losers Can Be Choosers. Photobucket Bill Ward takes a look at Transylvanian TV. Photobucket Ward also looks at 1032 B.C., That Wonderful Year Photobucket It's funny how at one time it was considered thing for supermarkets to come to the neighborhood without ever dreaming there would be even bigger stores that made them obsolete as well. Photobucket Photobucket There's a piece by Severin called Don't Throw Anything Away, an article by Al Jaffee from their sixth issue called Easy, Exciting Ways to Earn Money in Beautiful Mexico, Don Orehek's Hard Luck Stories and How to Handle Them, and then this illustrated by Bill Ward. Photobucket This recurring gag feature used cartoons meant for the other magazines companies published Photobucket Another thing by Orehek called The Truth Behind Press Agents' Items and this ad for Fangman's Whiskey.

They might have realized if they had to reprint things, they might as well be from Jack Davis I know I would. This comes from #12. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Celebrities' License Plates showed just that, then Severin did this one pager. Photobucket The back cover was some Travel Stickers that didn't have any illustrations.

Excerpts from Cracked #40 next Wednesday.

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