Sunday, December 2, 2012

Missing Persons Trading Cards

Around 1995 or so, I did a premium for WFMU-FM of Missing Persons Trading Cards. There were also cards from Steve Willis, Doug Skinner, Mack White, Justin Green, and Chris Ware, among others (I'm writing about this from memory, so I don't remember everyone). We were each given a suit (with the bigger artists doing J, K, Q) of famous people known to be missing. They came with a booklet explaining who they were. They were commissioned by Hank Arakelian. Photobucket This first one was of Sylvestre Matushka. Photobucket Jerry Tarbot Photobucket Charlie Chaplin's corpse Photobucket Cromwell's head Photobucket The Carroll A. Deering Photobucket George Mallory, who is no longer missing but was when these cards were drawn. Photobucket Léon Theremin Photobucket Nungesser and Coli. Photobucket Louie Miller. I didn't get it at first either. The sign at the bank should be a clue before clicking on the hyperlink. Photobucket I drew this for LCD, their giveaway magazine. Photobucket I don't remember ever giving them this or where in came from, but there it is so that means I did. Photobucket I also did something for their 1999 calendar. Something about an insane asylum maybe. I can't remember exactly who the art director was but I do remember she worked at a rap record label and I was told to drop this off at her place of work. When the elevator door opened there were four guys standing there pointing guns at whoever came out, I guess they were the bodyguards of someone there.

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