Monday, December 3, 2012


Another issue of Marvel's short-lived Mad competitor Crazy from December 1974.

This was sort the transition of editors. Though not credited, Steve Gerber takes over, adding more text pieces. In this issue, there are almost no credits.

Cover by Kelly Freas Photobucket Parody of the Charles Atlas ads from practically every comic book up to the late seventies. Photobucket Parody of Chinatown illustrated by Vance Rodewalt Photobucket Photobucket Daniel Azulay Photobucket For a few issues they reprinted excerpts from the Gleeful Guide books Will Eisner had been doing. Photobucket I think this is drawn by Robert Graysmith

Photobucket Photobucket One-time Cracked editor Michael Ricigliano Photobucket After this was another installment of History of Moosekind by Bob Foster

And then a new reccuring feature called Underground Almanac.

In the Gerber-edited issues, they would do stories of their mascot The Nebbish written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by Marie Severin Photobucket They probably thought they were putting one past the censors crediting authorship to “Hugh Jardonn”, or maybe it went over the editor's head. The art is by Willie Ito. Photobucket After Consumer Confidential were Ramblings of a Crazyman, Medical Crazies and more Will Eisner with his Gleeful Guide to Astrology

The inside back cover subscription ad which doesn't seem to list the price. Photobucket Parody of the American Express commercials with Karl Malden. Photobucket

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