Saturday, December 1, 2012

Great Cartoons of the World II/2

More from the 1968 collection of the second volume of Great Cartoons of the World

Alex Graham for Punch Photobucket Anatol Kovarsky, of which editor John Bailey says in this book:

”It is heartening to know that in a poll participated in by most of the college magazines in America, the students named Kovarsky as their favorite cartoonist. A fine draftsman, employing a beautiful line, meaningful elimination, and subtle distortion, he has a personal genre bordering on fantasy, in which he explores the Oriental, fairy-tale country of Ali Baba—an inner vision of the world that dictates his comments on Modern life.” Photobucket James Stevenson for The New Yorker Photobucket J. M. Bosc for Paris Match Photobucket Photobucket Michael Ffolkes for Punch Photobucket Syd Hoff in New Yorker.

This is what the editor had to say about him (from now on, all smaller type is from this book):

”Hoff's cartoons invariably contain a humorous idea, well expressed. A past master of domesticity and the he-she relationship in marriage, he comments on it in a style of drawing that is elemental and powerful.” Photobucket Chon Day Photobucket Leslie Starke

”As a dramatist, perhaps no cartoonist succeeds better than Starke, whose stage sets are always believable and whose people are never stock cartoon characters, but real people created to take part in the juxtaposing of the elegant and the common, or to act the parts of authority and rebel.” Photobucket Anatol Kovarsky Photobucket Edward Koren for New Yorker Photobucket John Glashan Photobucket Hans-Georg Rauch for Nebelspalter Photobucket

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