Monday, December 10, 2012


Here's another issue I have of Crazy from April 1975.

Cover by Nick Cardy Photobucket Here's some of the Marvel staff. Photobucket Stu Schwartzberg and Vance Rodewalt parodying Death Wish Photobucket The first page of Steve Gerber and Robert Graysmith's running feature Just Plain Folks Photobucket Photobucket After this was another Consumer Confidential from Bob Foster and Willie Ito, credited to “Oona LaGorpe”.

For a few issues Lee Marrs did a regular feature. Photobucket Then another excerpt from Will Eisner's Gleeful Guide to Astrology

Street Gang Illustrated by Michael Ricigliano Photobucket Installment of Bob Foster's History of Moosekind Photobucket Second parody they did of Westworld, opening parody of their first one here. Photobucket Another installment of their original mascot, The Nebbish, by Marv Wolfman and Marie Severin. Photobucket Two probably well-meaning, but nevertheless racist TV parodies of Good Times and Chico and the Man, which were both racist in their own right. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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