Sunday, December 9, 2012

NEW YORK PRESS 1994-1999

Here are some more illustrations I did as an illustrator for the now-defunct New York Press when I worked for them. The Press and Screw have since unfortunately been rendered obsolete by the internet, but in the 90s were a Who's Who of cartoonists working in New York City. I'll try to say what these drawings are for from memory. I don't feel like making hyperlinks for anything this time. Find info yourself.

In the past I've cleaned up the originals but here I scanned from the originals so you can see the original pencils and paste lines. Let me know if you prefer one over the other.

This was an illo for a review of Eyes Wide Shut. I drew a few movie reviews I didn't get screeners or often see the reviews.

I think the idea here is since the movie was finished posthumously, director Stanley Kubrick would be rolling in his grave if he saw it. Get it? Photobucket I don't remember what these were particularly for, but I think this was done for Seven-Day Itch, a column of the events that week written by my friend Jenny Ryan, who was assistant art director for them. Photobucket An article written by Jim Knipfel, who was also New York Press's receptionist. He looked like the kid raising his hand. Photobucket This was about getting an online chat by surprise when you were checking your e-mail, something that happened then. Photobucket I think this was for a review of The Blair Witch Project. I tried to avoid likenesses if I could. Photobucket For a long time, I illustrated a column by Mistress Ruby, a professional dominatrix. This was something she wrote for some kind of Madonna festival. Photobucket For the listings. Maybe an outdoor concert? Photobucket Review of South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Photobucket I don't know what this is. An article about dirty old men, maybe. Notice a cameo by my He Aims to Please character. Photobucket The next three are Mistress Ruby illustrations. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket I recognize Christopher Walken. I'm not sure who the D.J. Is supposed to be. Photobucket

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