Saturday, October 13, 2012

Esquire #1, 1 of 3

I've been reprinting lots of cartoons from Esquire on this blog, now here's the cartoons from the very first issue from Fall, 1933 Photobucket If something was 50 cents eighty years ago, what would it be now?

It begins with an illustration by Nat Karson. Photobucket John Dos Passos Photobucket William Steig Photobucket John Groth Photobucket Constantin Alajalov Photobucket The next two by John Groth Photobucket Photobucket George Petty Photobucket Constantin Alajalov Photobucket E. Simms Campbell Photobucket More from this issue next Saturday.


  1. Good stuff, thanks for posting it.
    I have a question related to the humor magazines you're covering. There's a cartoonist named Frank Cummings who lives in my town and I've heard he used to do work for CRACKED. (He also contributed to JAB, a regional humor magazine from c. early 90s.) But I don't know which issues of CRACKED it was, and I never see old CRACKED back issues for sale. Wondering if you're aware of his work. I've seen him draw quick doodles that are really great so I'm curious about his published work.

  2. The name sounded familiar. Turns out he's in one of the issues I'm selling on E-bay.

  3. If you have a link I'll buy it, especially if you have some other interesting stuff that I can bundle with it to make s&h worthwhile.

  4. Now you tell me. Write me at and if you send me $2 I'll throw that particular issue in the mail.