Sunday, October 14, 2012

You're so—funny

Every once in a while someone shows me a sketch I did for them I forgot completely about. Such is the case for one I did for Suzanne Baumann in 2000. It was illustrating a yearbook autograph which said, "You're so—funny! I can't believe I missed Nathan freak out! Has 1st hour been the best or what? Have such a good summer! I'll see you at North!" Photobucket Speaking of fan art, I still get some occasionally, like this strip that was done by Sam Spina last week in homage to my Scene But Not Heard characters. I remember joking long ago that eventually kids who read these strips in Nickelodeon as kids would eventually grow up, and it happened. Some are even running for Vice President. At long last, the collection will come out this Spring in collaboration from Top Shelf and Alternative Comics. Photobucket I was also pleased when I looked at the late Covered Blog last year to see a piece by Dyna Moe of my Magic Whistle comic. I've mentioned her before on my blog. It turned out she had done the Mad Men art I made fun of (for my own amusement) long before that. Photobucket Oh yeah, what does this have to do with anything again? Because I liked the art so much I asked her to do the back cover for the next Magic Whistle, to inaugurate what I'm doing from now on, that is to have the back cover with one of my gags drawn by an artist not generally known for doing comics. Instead of logrolling by having one of the 500 cartoonists I know do it, I want something with my sense of humor that looks as little like my work as possible. Artists who share the same trait as me of throwing their clothes away when they're done isn't necessary but it is a plus.

Photobucket This is the first issue (#12) I've done in a long time. The last two I wasn't too proud of and much of the material seems phoned in out of desperation to have something out to keep me in the public eye. Actually, they weren't that bad, but not a good first impression either. That shouldn't be the case with this one. It's being sent to the printer this week and will be out in time for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival next month. Now that Alternative Comics has handed over the reins I intend to put issues out more frequently again. I've gone back to the 32-page format I did before. I know the pamphlet comic is pretty much dead but I was never much of a trendsetter. Comics are more deluxe and respectable than they've ever been, but at the expense of shutting out the casual reader. I want to make comics you'd put on your shelf but could loan to a friend and not be upset if they spilled coffee on them.

Here's the original version of the cartoon for comparison. Photobucket And here's the latest of the films I've been putting up on YouTube. I've found out having more than 1000 followers on Twitter and Facebook doesn't mean they see everything you post, so here's my attempt in my own way to “go viral”. And while I'm promoting myself, I'll mention that I have original art for sale I'm putting up gradually, and have what's available through this link. If you don't see a particular piece, ask about it. It makes an excellent holiday gift and if you don't buy some the Pope will personally call you an asshole using those exact words and give out your address and phone number on international television. Photobucket

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