Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Climax (and Ace)

Cavalier was closer to Playboy in that it seemed to be among the higher echelon of men's magazines—general interest magazines that just happened to have nude photo spreads. Like its competitor Playboy (and to a lesser extent, Esquire), many of its cartoons were full-pagers in color by cartoonists who also concurrently drew for New Yorker and other un-embarrassing magazines.

These next few are from Cavalier volume 14, number 131, May 1964

Lee Lorenz Photobucket Edward Frascino Photobucket Al Ross Photobucket Bill Hoest
From Cavalier, volume 15, number 142, April 1965

by Edward Frascino Photobucket Brian Savage Photobucket From Cavalier volume 16, number 154, April 1966

By Lee Lorenz Photobucket Richard Guindon Photobucket Bill Hoest Photobucket From Climax, April 1960 Photobucket Orlando Busino Photobucket From the September 1964 issue of Ace

I've been told this DeCarlo I've been printing in my look at men's magazines every week is not Dan DeCarlo as I've previously been saying. It makes sense now since it looks nothing like the Archie-esque comics he was doing at the same time, which he's always signed with his full name or initials. It seems like a venue he'd work in, but there's no evidence he actually did. Sorry for saying so before. Photobucket The October 1960 issue of Ace Photobucket More cartoons from dirty magazines next Thursday.

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