Saturday, February 4, 2012

"They told me to wait around for an answer"

Here's more of my daunting quest to scan the 1957 ESQUIRE CARTOON ALBUM for you.

Raeburn van Buren Photobucket E. Simms Campbell Photobucket Reamer Keller did gags for many magazines, but all else I could find by him was these cocktail napkins he did. Photobucket I couldn't find anything about Bob Paplow either, except that he was once an assistant to Hank Ketcham Photobucket Mischa Richter Photobucket Robert J. Lee Photobucket The only references I could find to Ed Hunter were for the Iron Maiden mascot. Photobucket Dorothy McKay, whose biography I've linked to previously. Photobucket Gregory d'Alessio Photobucket Unsigned, artist unknown Photobucket Ty Mahon Photobucket Barbara Shermund Photobucket Raeburn van Buren again Photobucket

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