Sunday, February 5, 2012

I did this?

I'm known for my notorious doodling. In any social or work situation, I draw on newspapers or the tablecloth or post-it pads even while I'm talking to people. I guess it's kind of like how people can text and tweet while doing something else.

Often people will show me something I did while they were talking to me years earlier, and I won't remember having done them. This especially happened when I worked in animation, when people I worked with who read my comics anyway saved my spoor that I just left behind.

Recently, a mutual friend was at the house of Irwin Chusid and he showed them something he saved. It was another situation where I drew on a newspaper and left it behind. I haven't seen him in about twelve years and all this time he kept something I took for granted and then forgot about. I wrote him and asked him about it and was surprised to find this in the mail a few days later. Photobucket

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