Monday, December 4, 2017

Playboy Christmas

In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, and also because I have so many pages, here's what Playboy was doing for its Christmas issues in the 1950s.

December 1955
Ben Denisen, Larry Klein
Al Stine, Arv Miller, Jack Cole
December 1956
Arv Miller, Al Stine, Gardner Rea
Jack Cole, Shel Silverstein
December 1958
Gardner Rea, Erich Sokol
John Dempsey, Don Madden, Gahan Wilson
December 1959
Alden Erikson, John Dempsey, Erich Sokol, Don Madden, Al Stine
Claude Smith
December 1960
Larry Siegel was mainly a writer for MAD, Carol Burnett, and wrote most of the material for later issues of Humbug. Having been born in 1925, chances are he's no longer alive.
Artists are Don Madden and Al Stine...
...Phil Interlandi, Unknown, and John Dempsey

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