Monday, December 18, 2017

Cartoons of Playboy Past

Here's one of the very early Little Annie Fannys from before they started using assistants.
Their annual Christmas cards for the December 1963 issue. Obviously published before November 22, they had no idea what would happen then, and according to the Little Annie Fanny collection, excised all JFK material for their next issue at the last minute. As a bonus, the Kennedys are drawn by the great Jack Davis.

Also cards by Phil Interlandi, Gahan Wilson, Shel Silverstein, and Eldon Dedini.
From that same issue, the best of their cartoons from past issues up to that point. Also from the December 1963 issue.

On this page are John Dempsey, Erich Sokol, Phil Interlandi, and Bill Murphy
Phil Interlandi, Eldon Dedini, and E. Simms Campbell. I believe I posted the latter two before.
Charles Elmer Martin, John Dempsey, Dedini, and Claude Smith
Interlandi, Dempsey, Sid Harris, and Sokol
Interlandi, two by Murphy, and Dempsey. Everyone seems to be heterosexual at the nudist colony, but then again, this was before the protests at Stonewall changed everything.
Not sure who the upper left cartoonist is. The rest are Dempsey, Interlandi (again pre-Stonewall), and Gahan Wilson

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  1. Upper-left cartoonist is probably Tony Saltzman.