Thursday, October 26, 2017

cartoons I don't get 19

Playboy, March 1967
The only thing I can think of is this must be some kind of buggery joke. I don't think it's just a dog in stocks, which is kind of funny in and of itself. And I don't think it's that he gave the dog a black eye. The joke must be that he had sex with the dog. Though during that time in cases of bestiality the animal would be punished in addition to the person, so this would be an illustration rather than a cartoon.
Punch October 26, 1915
Look at the date on that cartoon. Isn't that a weird coincidence? Wait a moment, I did that same joke a few weeks ago when I posted a cartoon that was printed on the same date. Never mind.
Scamp, November 1957
Too bad this cartoon was done before the sexual revolution. If it were done in the 70's or afterwards they tied in the phrase “the captain goes down with his ship” with cunnilingus or depending on the time and kind of publication, the captain could be of either gender performing either kind of oral sex.
Playboy, March 1968
Bill Hoest
Is it that they're cartographers? Is it progressive for the time in that the woman is also one or is she just a secretary delivering a map? I would guess, considering it's by a guy most famous for doing a strip about a “battle-axe” wife, it's the latter.
Esquire, June 1934
Syd Hoff
Hello Buddies, June 1952
My impression is that the long-extinct Dime-a-Dance business was always a front for prostitution. Maybe that guy is me.
Hello Buddies, Winter 1950
Bill Wenzel
Who's talking? The first rule of gag cartooning is that only the person who's talking has their mouth open. And why is one of the women topless?
Hi-Life, August 1964
Don Orehek
These next three are the trifecta of taboos. Cartoons that don't age well. Cartoons no magazine would print today.
First up, we have fat-shaming...
Good Humor, circa 1964
Jest, circa 1942
...and racism. At least I think this is supposed to be racist. But I don't get the glasses part. Is it just that the guy's an asshole?
Man, April 1966
Nugget, February 1956
It's questionable whether or not this is politically incorrect. It's still okay to make fun of homelessness in some contexts, I think. I think it's French, too. They have different standards about what can or can't be mocked.
Punch October 27,1915
A hole caused by warfare possibly?


  1. 1. He’s a bad dog, and thus suffering the same sort of punishment as the bad person. The joke is that they made stocks for dogs.
    2. The Brit is attempting to console the Frenchman (who is going to have to shoot the horse) by saying (colloquially) that horse was old, and not going to live much longer. But the Frenchman interpreted his statement to be literally about the legs of the horse, and things “last legs” meant “hind quarters” and is correcting the Englishman by pointing out that the horse forelegs are injured.
    3. Yeah. Missed opportunity. It’s just that he’s derelict in his duty because he’s a cad.
    4. Its that they are cartographers.
    5. They are rich people, who are having a “fancy dinner” at a cafeteria, because it’s the Depression, and they are really broke.
    6. Yeah, you’d probably be able to run the same cartoon about a guy trying to cop a feel at strip club today.
    7. The blonde is talking. The brunette is mouth agape in shock, she has the little “surprise” lines by her head.
    8. I’d like to note that the coloring error on the orange bunny make it look like she has a hole in her suit, not a poofy tail.
    9. Yeah.
    10. Ouch. =(
    11. The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, and someone gets stuck with all the work. Typical military.
    12. I agree
    13. Yes. A bomb landed on the fence. The play is probably on “good fences make good neighbors” as the two don’t look like they are fond of each other.

  2. I wondering if, at that time, #12 wasn't more geared towards 'Bohemians' rather than the homeless?