Thursday, October 5, 2017

cartoons I don't get 16

J. B. Handelsman
Playboy, January 1968
Gentlemen's Yearbook, Spring 1964
I guess the joke here is that her breasts aren't big enough? I guess in his imaginary world, that's true.
Frank Beaven
Hello Buddies, June 1952
Laff, July 1952
Punch October 6, 1915
Tomorrow is the 102nd anniversary of this cartoon.
Punch November 9, 1927
Michael Ffolkes
Playboy, March 1970
This Is It #22
Dana Fradon
Playboy, July 1968
John Dempsey
Playboy, December 1969
Punch December 8, 1915
Scamp, January 1962
Surf-Toons, December 1967

1 comment:

  1. 1: There is a saying "politics make strange bed fellows"
    2: ??? Pure guess, she spent a lot of time getting ready, and this is REALLY going to piss her off?
    3: He's shocked because he thinks that she is asking him to bathe HER. not wash the car.
    4: She's NOT beautiful. But he's been on that desert island a LOOOOONG time,
    5: He forgot her name. Sailors have "girl in every port" and he can't keep track.
    6: Child is "old beyond her years" and concerned about fashion and how the doll doesn't have the right body type to wear a particular style of clothes. The context is that the mother is VERY stylish.
    7: Interracial dating joke, basically. The trope is that grandmother/ yenta (yiddish matchmaker)asks "why can't you date a nice Jewish boy!"
    8: She's embarrassed because someone can see her naked. Its funny, because the someone are just fish, and she has no reason to feel embarrassed. Though the fish DO look pretty scandalized.
    9: She's HOT, she has not previously used her personality, because she's relied on her looks to get along. He is suggesting that she show some boob to the judge, like women will show cleavage to cops to get out of speeding tickets.
    10: He's propositioning her. But, he works in children's publishing, so he's using a line children would use. (They could also have gone with "wanna play doctor"
    11: There are rules about "flitration and fraternizing" in the military (mainly to stop the spread of STDs), but they are GERMAN, and so he's flirting with PEACE is funny because Germans are war like.

    12: ??? She cant drive well because she cant hold the wheel on account of her nails? (Just got them done? Too long?)

    13: She is clearly NOT going to drown, but wants the hunky dude to give her mouth to mouth.