Monday, August 7, 2017

Sick #126, 1 of 4

My guess is that this issue of Sick was all inventory. Except for the covers, every single article is a movie or TV parody and it carries on with the regular numbering system despite being thicker than other issues.

cover by Jack Sparling, who edited and did most of the material himself. He'd been a comic book and strip artist for years, so he must have desperately needed the money.

The mascot was somebody named Huckleberry Fink, but supposedly they got a cease and desist letter from MAD saying he looked too much like Alfred E. Neuman, so was given a suit of armor to hide his appearance.
Parody of the original Battlestar Galactica
Star Wars parody by Dave Manak.

If, in the late seventies someone were to ask you, “Which will still be here in 40 years, Sick or Star Wars, which would you say?
The Spy Who Loved Me parody

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