Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rainy Day Sunshine Sunday Low-Res Cartoon Show # 4

I couldn't find a host like I can when I play old records so I thought I could do the same with old cartoons as well. The rights are even more complicated here so I've gotten around it by only embedding things that have already been posted by someone else, absolving me altogether.

I take no responsibility for anything removed by the rightholders, watermarks from previous second-generation sources, editing, cropping, or other ways links that have been broken by parties other than me. Once in a while you'll come across offensive racial stereotypes. Remember the cartoon is about the story and not about them.

Audio Cinema, 1935
Vitaphone Productions/Warner Brothers, 1938
dir: Frank Tashlin PER ASPERA AD ASTRA
Zagreb Film (YU), 1969
dir: Nedeljko Dragic Woody Woodpecker: RATION BORED
Walter Lantz Productions, 1943
dirs: Emery Hawkins, Milt Schafer Roobarb: WHEN CUSTARD WAS SORRY
Bob Godfrey's Movie Emporium, 1974
dir: Bob Godfrey New Three Stooges: A BULL FOR ANDAMO
Cambria Studios, Normandy III Productions, 1965
dirs: Eddie Burns, Eddie Rehburg, David Detiege THE FIRST CIRCUS
Rialto Productions, 1921
dir: Tony Sarg Silly Symphonies: THE MERRY DWARFS
Walt Disney Studios, 1929
dir: Walt Disney Color Classics: AN ELEPHANT NEVER FORGETS
Fleischer Studios, 1935
dir: Seymour Kneitel Spider-Man: TO CATCH A SPIDER
Grantway-Lawrence Animation, 1968
dir: Grant Simmons Pixie and Dixie: THE MARK OF THE MOUSE
Hanna-Barbera Productions, 1958
dirs: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera FLOW DIAGRAM
Halas & Batchelor Studios (UK), 1965
dir: Harold Whitaker JUST IMAGINE
Jamison Handy Orginization/Bell Telephone, 1947 Bullwinkle/Mr. Know-It-All: HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL BASEBALL UMPIRE
Jay Ward Productions, 1962 VELVETY (Sametka)
Krátký Film Praha (CZ), 1967
dir: Zdeněk Miller

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