Thursday, August 3, 2017

cartoons I don't get 7

I've been posting cartoons like this for years and it's only since I've started calling this feature “cartoons I don't get” that I've been getting more hits and comments. People either feel they're being challenged or maybe they just want to help.

Caper, November 1964
Last week I suggested doing a column called “cartoons that don't age well”. We've long retired the cliché of cavemen getting women by clubbing them on the head. I first thought the joke might be that he fucked someone to death, which I like better.
The Dude, March 1957
This also goes under the sub-division of “cartoons that don't age well”. I guess it's that sixty years ago, the idea of a woman being in the military was considered absurd.
Man to Man, April 1952
Oh, wait, I see, It's like a mugshot having a “watch the birdie” gesture, but in this case the birdie is the necklace he stole.
Ace, January 1964
Punch November 9, 1927
Army/Navy Fun Parade, April 1953
Stag, Fall 1941
Judge, October 1909
Presumably a narrator is saying this and not any of the characters as is the norm. The caption sounds more like a set-up for a cartoon or an explanation of one. It would be like a cartoon having the caption “she married him for his money” or “these people are having sex”.
Hello Buddies, June 1952
Update:People have pointed out he has a key in his ear. Because of the printing, I thought it was a girl and that was a braid. Okay.
Dude, January 1961
Is she not wearing a skirt or does she just have really tight pants? This would probably work better in color.
Bill Ward
Fun House, February 1980
Which one's the clerk and which one is the customer?
Playgirl, February 1956
Punch November 9, 1927


  1. Cartoon #2:

    On an unrelated note, Jack O'Brien was arrested in 1970 for "possessing and printing obscene and pornographic publications".

  2. Regarding the Stag cartoon from 1941, I'm assuming the gag is with all the running water, he has to run off to the gents room to relieve himself.