Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tip Top Comics #6, 4 of 4

Here's more forgotten comic strips from United Features' Tip Top Comics #6 in October 1936. The other three installments are here, here, and here.
Here are some examples of Looy Dot Dope, a creation of the great Milt Gross (though these were unfortunately done by someone else, probably his assistant). The only information I can find about bottom strip Colonel Wowser are a few other strips and a Tijuana Bible...
… And here are some examples of Billy Make Believe... some Alice In Wonderland strips b/w Knurl the Gnome... a couple Peter Pat strips by Mo Leff, assistant to Ham Fisher...
...Frankie Doodle...
...and finally How It Began by Paul Berdanier.
I have no idea who did this or what it's from. The signature looks like “Bob Brinkenhoff”.
Strips by readers. I wonder how many, if any, are still alive.
I think this strip was done for magazines.

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  1. re: that last one and Opdyke.
    Amelia Opdyke Jones later gained more fame as "Oppy",the post-WWII Subway Sun artist.