Thursday, May 11, 2017

Annotated cartoons

It's taking a long time to get service at the table. They can't hear him because he's speaking through the earpiece,

Chicks 'n' Chuckles, c. 1957
The man isn't actually buying anything, he's browsing in the event he becomes engaged to the woman more than a foot taller than him.

Jem, March 1959

A Twitter follower asked if this cartoon was drawn by Jack Rickard. I hadn't thought of it, but it might very well be.
The girl (presumably these people are children) is passive-aggressively suggesting she and the boy be married by displaying dolls together on a bed in the toolshed.

Jem, August 1957
The man is talking to a deflated party doll.

Jem, July 1963
Not only was the prototype for the Trojan horse originally a woman, the soldiers have fallen in love with something made out of wood.

Jem, October 1965
At one time, it was common practice for U.S. radio stations to be located on the other side of the U.S.-Mexico border and were incorporated there, but were broadcast solely in English and often located in the U.S. The reason for this was twofold. There was a limited amount of wattage radio stations were allowed to have here, but by being incorporated in another country they were able to reach a larger audience. An here was a bigger loophole: the stations were fronts to advertise medical practices illegal in the U.S. One of these dubious practices was the idea that undergoing surgery involving the glands of other animals would increase virility.

This man underwent a monkey-gland operation and the side-effect ended up being growing a tail. Though he regrets the side-effects, he does not seem to be embarrassed, since otherwise he would conceal the tail.

Knight, September 1966
The woman convinced her husband or neighbor that she is a stay-at-home wife, but it turns out she is probably a prostitute. It could be another job and a perfectly legal one, but it was probably meant for readers of this magazine to come to this conclusion. Whatever she is, a policeman is taking out her garbage.

Male, June 1971
I don't get this at all.

Bo Brown
Man, April 1966
The motor to the car comes separate and would cost an additional price.

True, January 1953
A couple is leaving a church service, he in a tuxedo, she wearing some sort of Puritan costume and knitting a shirt.

Hi-Life, March 1958
The guy is bragging about being a more famous and well-known personality than he actually is.

Leo Cullum
Penthouse, October 1978
The groom, deciding his orientation is more fluid, married somewhere else prior to the intended marriage. His husband is carrying some kind of bonnet.

Salty, April 1969
A mermaid is making a “thumbs up” sign like the Fonz.

Sheer, c. 1959

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