Monday, December 19, 2016

Sick #127, 4 of 4

One of the very last issues of Sick, #127 from June 1979. The previous three parts are here, here, and here.

Parody of Casey At the Bat illustrated by editor Jack Sparling.
They couldn't afford a typesetter so sometimes the text of the articles was handwritten.
When I was 9 and had this magazine, my mother was looking through it, and came upon this feature. While not throwing it away or forbidding me from reading it like I've heard some parents have done upon seeing ribaldry in children's literature, she said something like “I'm not sure this is meant for nine-year-olds.” She also said that reading the 'Eye-Balling' feature which she said was too sophisticated.

I'm not sure what this “Cher” feature was doing in the magazine myself. I probably would have said something similar to my mother.
If someone were to subscribe with this issue, they wouldn't have gotten a whole years' worth. I wonder if they got a refund.
Inside back cover.

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  1. Wow yeah, that CHER story is all kinds of WTF... Jack's art is nice and attractive though.

    I suppose we know what happened with the gas situation, but did Cher ever actually return?