Thursday, December 22, 2016

Playboy originals, 3 of 4

More originals of (mostly) full-page cartoons from Playboy that I've come across surfing the internet. The last two postings are here and here.

E. Simms Campbell, December 1962
Eldon Dedini, December 1967
Bernard Kliban, December 1973
Jack Cole, January 1958
Chris W. Miller, July 1956
There might have been a caption here.
Don Madden, July 1961
E. Simms Campbell, July 1969
William Hamilton, July 1971
B. Kliban, July 1973
Larry Klein, June 1956
Gardner Rea, June 1961
Jack Davis, June 1962
Not sure where this Kliban cartoon came from
Jack Cole

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