Thursday, December 15, 2016

Playboy originals, part 2

Here are more originals of Playboy cartoons I've found on the internet. What sets them apart from most cartoons in skin magazines is they were ususally full-page full-color illustrations that paid as much as any general interest magazine, and the cartoons were not always about sex,or even the typical desert island or psychiatrist couch fare,for that matter.

Michael Ffolkes, for the October 1963 issue.
Richard Taylor, October 1967
John Dempsey, October 1969
Buck Brown, also October 1969
Eldon Dedini, October 1977.
Rowland Wilson, October 1990
These next two are by Phil Interlandi, September 1966
September 1968
Francis Wilford-Smith, September 1968
Gahan Wilson, September 1970
Leo “Dink” Siegel, September 1970
Bernard Kliban, September 1973
date unknown

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