Monday, October 31, 2016

Sick #30, 3 of 3

The last of this issue of Sick from August 1964. I forgot to post this last week but the other two parts are here and here.

Instead of movie parodies as a comic like Mad did, they would do a plot summary with text and photos, like with their parody of From Russia, With Love

The contents page says:”From Russia With Love”, the new James Bond movie... “What's your name, stranger?” “My name is 007” “Funny, you don't look Italian”... Talking about “Russia” and “Love”, and “From”, and “With”, Krushchev had his birthday and had a party, the Communist Party...
The Air Force in Germany kept telling us to train our planes clear of the 70-mile zone on the East Berlin border. The orders go on to say that in case of overflights, if the planes are attacked by Red fighters, they should be sure to dispose of all cameras, film, and other spy equipment... President Eisenhower said if he saw a Russian plane over U. S. territory,he would have had it shot down. Unfortunately while he was President, no Russian plane ever flew over a U. S. golf course

Art here is by Bob Powell
Joe Simon

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