Monday, October 10, 2016

Sick #30, 1 of 3

This was the 30th issue of Sick from August 1964.

Like most issues early on, the covers were by Jack Davis
Like most comedians at the time, they did jokes about how the Beatles had long hair. This was considered long then.
Art (as is for most of this post) by Angelo Torres
According to the contents page:

Virginia Graham asks “Is it true that you wear rubber bands on your stockings and garters too?” Nina: “Yes, the garters hold my stockings up. The rubber bands are just for show.”
Art by Bob Powell
In the contents:

President Johnson has been reported speeding on the highway near the LBJ ranch. This lead the National Safety Council to issue a warning to Texas Motorists: “Drive carefully—the life you save—may be your President's...Advertising Section...Commercials for Presidential candidates... Richard Nixon made a trip to Viet Nam leading many to believe that his campaign slogan might be: “If elected I'll go to Viet Nam” The question is—will he stay there?

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