Monday, July 25, 2016

Sick #43, 2 of 3

More from the 43rd issue of Sick from March 1966. The first part is here.

This parody of The Old Farmer's Almanac written by Paul Laikin and illustrated by Arnoldo Franchioni is described on the contents page thusly:
A protest against a magazine that we really have nothing to protest about—except that they're beating us and everybody else in sales. This parody is another in our series of magazine spoofs designed to get even on our competition for what they're doing to us—namely, making us look really SICK!
Illustrated by Angelo Torres. Again according to the contents:
A protest against the overspecialization of sports magazines today. If this trend continues, we may soon be seeing titles like “Left-Handed Basketballs”, “Hockey Pucks” and “Cue-Stick Chalk”
Bob Powell
Joe Simon
Jack Sparling
A protest against continuing stories now flooding nighttime television. If you miss one program, you don't know what's happening, but in OUR continuing story, if you read every word, you still won't know what's happening!

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