Monday, June 13, 2016

Cracked #147, 1 of 4

Here's the first part of the 147th issue of Cracked from December 1977. Cover By John Severin signed with his middle name.
The contents page has a blurb saying:

AHA!!! We caught you, Sylvester! Man, you sure had us fooled; we always thought John Severin painted the covers. You better finish your self-portrait in a hurry 'cause you'll look awfulon the newsstand like that!!
Before anybody knew there actually was going to be a sequel, much less a series, they came up with this hypothetical sequel.
And in case you were actually playing this game, you'll forget about it in a couple weeks when I actually post page 38 so here are the answers.
Warren Sattler

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  1. Let me take a moment to thank you for the attention Cracked gets here. MAD is the satire mag of comment for many, but for myself the awesome artistry of John Severin made Cracked my favorite. It's nice to see it get some love.

    Rip Off