Monday, May 30, 2016

Sick #34, 2 of 3

More from the February 1965 issue of Sick. The first part is here.
The contents page had jokes, like this for this article drawn by Angelo Torres:

The Fly to his son: “I think your human is open”.

The Fly isn't even one of the monsters in this.
Don Orehek

Did you know that Huck Fink takes milk baths? He can't find a cow tall enough for a shower.
Not sure who the artist is.
...Hunting and Fishing: First cartoon, first row—two people, not sure of full first names; Stanley Stamaty; Al Kaufman; last two—“Ali” from first cartoon

...To Sea: Don Reilly; Glenn Bernhardt; ?; ?

...To the Dogs: Al Johns; George Wolfe; ?; Al Kaufman
A warm crackling fire in the room doesn't make news,unless,of course,you don't have a fireplace.

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  1. "Making of a TV Commercial" looks like Gray Morrow to me.