Monday, May 23, 2016

Sick #34, 1 of 3

Volume 6, Number 4 of Sick from January 1965.

This cover,like many of Sick's early covers was by Jack Davis before going MAD.
Speaking of humor artists poached by MAD, here's Angelo Torres, drawing an article the contents page described thusly:

We don't have a Beatle story but how about the termite that went to a tavern and asked, “Is the bar tender here?”
Joe Simon

An American youth seated next to a nice old English lady on an airliner was vigorously occupied chewing gum. Finally the old lady nudged him, “It's nice of you to try to make conversation,” she said, “but I must tell you, I'm totally deaf.”
Many of Sick's movie spoofs, like this one of The 7th Dawn, is not in comics form but text with movie stills.

Again as per the contents page:

The story of the Malaysians' fight for independence. You can't put all the blame on the British. We'd have less trouble in this country today if the Indians had had stricter immigration laws.

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