Monday, April 20, 2015

Biggest Greatest Cracked #6, 5 of 5

This is the final part of the sixth Biggest Greatest Cracked from 1971, reprinting pages from the sixties. The first five parts were reposted on this blog the last few weeks.

This one-pager drawn by Caracù.
Artist unknown
Charles Rodrigues
The insert in this issue was this Spiro Agnew Coloring Book drawn by Don Orehek.
It was sixteen pages with the text on one page and the drawings on the opposite page. Rather than scan the page of text and as little of it as there is, it would be easier for me to just write it down.

“This is me—color me red white and blue.
“This is my boss, color him neatly. He doesn't like it if you go outside the lines.
This is the White House—don't color it—it may be mine someday.
This is what a golf ball does when it hits a head. Color it sore and red. Then apologize and kiss it.
"This is a hippy—get an eraser and rub him out.
"This is the silent majority—color them if you can find them.
"This is me; I'm on an advisory trip with the President. Color me so it looks like he's taking my advice."
Vic Martin
As recently as 1971, they still thought racist vaudeville humor like this was funny.

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