Monday, March 30, 2015

Biggest Greatest Cracked #6, 2 of 5

This is one of Cracked's “annuals” from 1971. Further information and the previous installment were posted last Sunday.

This is one of the few Cracked postings to not have John Severin. I link this blog to my Twitter and Facebook pages and a lot of time when I post issues of Cracked someone will comment “I didn't know John Severin worked for them” despite the fact that he was their main artist and did most of the magazine throughout its run. Well, they won't this time. (Reminds me of when my father saw a TV special on Stan Lee and later said “I didn't know Stan Lee and Jack Kirby worked together”).

This piece was by Jerry Grandenetti.
Bill Hoest
Bill Ward
Arnoldo Franchioni
Walter Gastaldo

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