Monday, March 23, 2015


One of many repackaged “annuals” Cracked would publish to outnumber its competitor MAD on the newsstand, here is the sixth annual Biggest Greatest Cracked from 1971 which says it reprints material from 1958 to 1970, though I think they mention every year so far in the indicia because it was type(set) before the pages were selected.

As usual, the cover is by John Severin.

The artists are billed as “A sampling of the best from pen and brush of America's most foremost humor drawers.” The writers are “a treasure trove of laughs from the funniest men in the world”, and the proofreader was “last seen pasting eye exam onto his left shirt cuff.”.

This was also drawn by John Severin
Vic Martin
This piece, drawn by Bill Ward was written by Jay Lynch while still in high school, and originally a one-pager. Apparently it was reprinted so many times the art was ruined so it was later redrawn by Howard Nostrand.
John Severin again

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