Saturday, September 20, 2014

Random Cartoons

Here's where I go through my hard-drive to inventory what I have get rid of things that may be duplicates or I just don't need any more, and boy do I have a lot of gag cartoons. Here are some...

This was in the January 1967 issue of Knight. Here's a gag cartoonist named “DeCarlo” I've posted a lot of before. I thought it was Dan DeCarlo at first but I was wrong.
These were in Bronze Thrills, a black-themed mens' magazine from Magazine Management. There were a lot of white cartoons, making me think they might have just had an inventory of cartoons and put them in just any magazine they were pasting together.
These were in the April 1933 issue of Gayety
And the July 1929 issue of Ginger Stories

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