Monday, September 22, 2014

Glad, 1 of 3

I printed some excerpts from Glad magazine a few years ago, here's some more. Mainly, the 16th issue from June 1985. Michael Sullivan, the only person I know whose interest in humor is even more esoteric than mine, gave me some copies of his extra issues. It's the magazine Ned Flanders would give his children thinking Mad was too satanic or something. Sit back and see what extreme Christians thought teenagers were supposed to find funny. Or maybe they did. The book Rapture Ready by Daily Show writer Daniel Radosh introduced me to lots of mainstream Christian media I didn't even know existed. When I was in high school, I remember kids of all or no faiths listening to Stryper, but there's so much more.
Gag cartoon that was on the contents page. There's also marginalia throughout the magazine.
Normally I skip the letters page when I post pages from humor magazines, but I found this just as relevant.

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