Sunday, July 6, 2014

27 Jokes

This was supposed to have been up a couple days ago but I chose early July to come to my parents' house. The reason this has anything to do with anything is that a storm knocked out their internet and it won't be back for a week or so. I can only use it for an hour or so at this local restaurant that has wi-fi service, longer when the library's open, even then only during daytime. My parents seem to think the internet is just a toy I use like one would watch TV. It's also the way I get paid from some places. Their scanner is wireless so I can't use that either. Luckily I scanned these cartoons a while ago. Who says we're not living on the cutting edge of technology?

Anyway, this is none of your concern. Here is the next installment of cartoons from an issue of 1000 Jokes from sometime in the 50s or 60s. I posted the first few pages of 1000 Jokes last week.

John Dempsey, best known for the nudist colony cartoons in Playboy.
Harry Mace
Chon Day
Bob Schroeter
?, Stan Hunt, and Henry Boltinoff
Paul Peter Porges and two cartoonists I can't identify.
Two cartoons by John Ruge
Frank Owen and Dick Ericson
Eli Stein, John Norment, Bob Barnes, and Paul Peter Porges.
Leo Garel
Al Ross
Some guy and Jeff Keate

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