Monday, April 21, 2014

Lunatickle, 1 of 4

As I continue with humor magazines you may not have seen before, here's Lunatickle, Myron Fass' fray into competing with what he thought Mad was becoming, from February of 1956.
Parody of the Cream of Wheat ad campaign with Li'l Abner.
Parody of the Maidenform Bra ad campaign which I think they still use today.

Art by Carl Hubbell.
This parodies The $64,000 Question.
As well as publisher, Myron Fass sometimes drew.

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  1. Lunatickle is one of the more solid and legitimately funny humor magazines of the '50's. Many of them are corny as hell, but Lunatickle is better written than some of the others. I think the best '50's humor magazine, besides Mad and Cracked, was This Magazine is Crazy (earlier known as Crazy Many Crazy and From Here to Insanity). In addition, the artwork in Lunatickle is really beautiful. Either the first or second issue has a good parody of William M. Gaines too. Great classic humor magazine (and one of the first of the parody types)! Too bad it only lasted two issues.